It’s easy for things to get lost in translation when one travels to a far off land, but it appears it’s not just tourists who are having difficulty with language。


These holiday snaps show some of the hilarious typos, images or hotel names that tourists have encountered on signs around the world。


The most amusing gaffes seem to revolve around toilets, and although it may seem like a no-brainer signs have asked visitors not to defecate on the floor or stand on the seats while urinating。


The collection was curated by Stockholm-based travel journalist and author Doug Lanksy, whose website, Signspotting.com, receives as many as 100 submissions a week from people who’ve spotted amusing signs while on holiday。


Doug has included some of them in his latest Signspotting calendar。


He launched the website more than 15 years ago after family and friends took an interest in the photos he had snapped during his travels.He said: ‘I finished university in 1992 and set out to travel around the world。 I saw some funny signs and took pictures of them, but nothing that memorable。


‘When I was showing photos from my trip to family and friends, I noticed they were more interested in the handful of funny sign photos and the snapshots of elephants, architectural wonders, or me standing in front of famous things。


‘So when I got a job as a travel journalist and hit the road again, I started keeping an eye out for signs and snapping photos。 Then I met some people who also had personal collections。’


He set up the website in 1999 and asked travellers to submit their own photos, and published his first book in 2005 after being encouraged by Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler。

道格在1999年建立的这个网站,向驴友们征集他们的照片,并在《 孤独的星球》创始人托尼·惠勒的鼓励下于2005年出版了自己的第一本书。

Doug‘s passion for signs has since sparked an amazing reaction around the world with submissions coming in at a steady pace for the past 10 years。


He said: ‘You just have to be in the right place at the right time and be alert。 It’s more like the signs find you。‘ ’They‘re funny for a variety of reasons。 Some are just foreign languages that look funny to us, like “Infart” in Swedish, which is like an “entry” sign for cars to drive into a parking garage。’

道 格说:“你只要在对的地点、对的时间并且要时刻注意,更像是这些标语来找你一样。”“这些标语非常有趣。一些只是因为是外语,我们看起来很好笑而已,如瑞 典语的‘infart’,其实是车子开进车库的标语‘entry’。”(小编注:fart在英语中是“放屁”之意,而entry是“入口”的意思。)

‘Some are written by fellow English speakers but they totally missed the double entendre or placed the sign next to something that created such a situation like a McDonald’s sign next to a “Dog Food” sign and they both have the same font。’


‘Or maybe it’s a creatively weird stick figure sign。 Or it‘s a warning for something painfully obvious, like “beware of door”。 And that’s just the beginning。‘



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